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Mother’s Day

Originally, I wrote this poem for two women – one lived locally, one overseas. They lost their Mother during the thick of the pandemic and the latter was unable to travel to the UK for the funeral service. I cannot imagine how they felt and nothing can, either then or now, compensate for that loss. But I hope that the poem showed how a Mother’s legacy can transcend even death. It is adapted here for Mother’s day…

Legacy of Love
Legacy’s not the tangible, an heirloom, bequest, or gift;
Legacy’s in words and memories that make our dark clouds lift.
In a song she sang from the old days, one to which we still must sing,
Hearing melodies and lyrics takes us back to them in their Spring.

Legacy lingers in play with babes; the offspring with whom she was blessed,
In the act of sharing joy and love in times back when Mother knew best.
In lessons and learning, in reading a book, dress-ups and laughter filled play,
In affectionate names for her children, strength in sickness and health every day.

Legacy’s in the traditions Mothers carved out oft before.
In the handbooks and guides, in some doctrines and prides of the ways that her ancestors saw.
Though traditions anew will forge strong modern paths and the practices soften our fear,
Still we learn from their love, even when they’re above, and remember their words, strong and clear.

Legacy’s in the transcending verve more powerful than that which you see.
It connects across thousands and thousands of miles and makes small stuff of just geography.
Conversations and chat – not just something that’s heard – fuel hearts with love so strong:
In our souls, in our spirit, in the essence of us, brings us back to her, where we belong.

Legacy transcends the here and now far beyond that we’ve ever imagined.
It reaches, it touches, it lingers, never fading – though, at times, it will leave us saddened;
If awakened, empowered, it can reach deep within, ignites thoughts that are so worthy of
The legacies that are left behind in the power of a Mother’s love.

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