About Me and Devon Wedding Celebrants

I am an author – of a self-help memoir, poetry for all celebration – weddings, naming ceremonies, vow renewals – song lyrics, a whole musical. I love to use the talent I have to write for you personally – your own personal wedding script, a most unique naming ceremony or a thoughtful eulogy.

Team Bride Wedding
Leading your wedding ceremony as a Celebrant

I am a performer, singer, actor, director and have a vast experience of all kinds of theatrical production and entertainment. Whilst I am meticulous as a director and plan, rehearse, and stage manage with the utmost precision and professionalism, I also know that there can be glitches which occur from out of the blue, on the day. My experience and confidence ensures that these are managed seamlessly, without the audience even being aware of them and, if necessary, we can improvise to cover any unforeseen circumstance!

I am an inspirational speaker, confident, composed and authentic. The strength in my delivery does not come from having won my whole life. It comes from the struggles and choosing not to surrender to them. This also keeps me humble and ensures the whole focus is on where it should be – your wedding ceremony, or your naming ceremony or your farewell ceremony.

Mother of the Bride Hat!

I am a celebrant, leading any rite of passage event, crafting it to your own specific needs and performing it as your own personal MC – Mistress/ Master of Ceremonies. Delivered with respect and love…

What exactly is a ‘Celebrant’?

A celebrant constructs and leads completely personalised weddings, commitment and renewal of vows ceremonies based on the choices and requirements of each couple. Every couple who chooses to have a celebrant wedding ceremony from Latansani will receive a tailor made special event which puts them at the heart of the celebration.  No repeated scripts, no templated words, no cliched ideas. Each occasion, whether joyful or solemn is unique and can embrace all of the appropriate ritual, as you require. As a celebrant, I am trained to write and lead weddings, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies and any other rite of passage event.

All about you and those you love.