Welcome to Latansani Celebrant

I provide services and support for making any ceremony original. I write the script for your own celebration event; together we are creative and your service is unique!

I lead and officiate at weddings, vow renewals, naming days or any rite of passage event; together we are love!

I can support you through grief to lead a funeral service; together we are one!

Be Loved Blog

Even ducks drown!

Oh my! Will this clownish, nightmare Covid circus ever end? Or have we just got to get used to the incessant bad news on the merry go round of life in, around and after (or under) the pandemic? In all honesty, I think not … but I think that presently life is one rather long […]

The Shape of Her

A little Sunday morning poem for you… She was born a whole circle but they wanted a hole. Twisted into a square but required to roll, she became a cute oval then none got her point. Triangle was next – she was forced to disjoint. She became a trapezium with sides ne’er to meet then […]

I vow to thee…

I have spent rather a lot of actual physical time in the company of couples lately; couples who have been together for as long as fifty years. At the time when they made those vows, standing face to face, half a century ago, they could not possibly have known what roads they were destined to […]

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