Welcome to Latansani Celebrant

I provide services and support for making any ceremony original. I write the script for your own celebration event; together we are creative and your service is unique!

I lead and officiate at weddings, vow renewals, naming days or any rite of passage event; together we are love!

I can support you through grief to lead a funeral service; together we are one!

Be Loved Blog

I vow to thee…

I have spent rather a lot of actual physical time in the company of couples lately; couples who have been together for as long as fifty years. At the time when they made those vows, standing face to face, half a century ago, they could not possibly have known what roads they were destined to […]

Forging the New!

As the UK approaches the roads towards its journey out of lockdown, I’ve personally had a tough couple of weeks – ones in which it’s felt like the harsh winds of winter will never let up! Tough, helping myself and others out of that metaphorical winter, with unpleasant weather, whipped into even greater ferocity by […]

love heart

In love, married or single? Here’s my proposal to you!

Are you expecting some romance today? A proposal perhaps? Here’s one I have for you first! I’ve been proposed to many more times than I’ve been married, so what I’m about to put to you comes from experience and a fair few times when my heart got broken. None of those proposals occurred actually on […]

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