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I provide services and support for making any ceremony original. I write the script for your own celebration event; together we are creative and your service is unique!

I lead and officiate at weddings, vow renewals, naming days or any rite of passage event; together we are love!

I can support you through grief to lead a funeral service; together we are one!

Be Loved Blog

The Freaky Friday before Blue Monday!

I’m having a freakily bleak day…and was on the verge of freaking out. What with the weather, the time of year, the long, cold, dark nights, the timely pronouncement that the most depressing day of the year is scheduled for Monday, I was on edge. I’ve had a litter of last minute cancellations and negativity […]


I haven’t experienced a year yet (that I can remember) in these three score years on this planet, that has been without monumental challenges. Some of them instigated, deliberately, by myself as a means to uplift, shape or soothe my soul; some instigated deliberately by others as a means to sharpen or seduce, sedate or […]

A selfless love…

I love watching Married At First Sight! I am thoroughly addicted to it. I am not sure this is healthy, for a celebrant who’s role in weddings is to support couples in announcing and celebrating their sacred union and to highlight the solemnity, sanctity and honour of pursuing matrimony. And I’m pretty certain that I […]

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