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Living with someone you love, who is deteriorating as a result of dementia, can be exhausting, stressful and challenging – but it helps if we can find the words to express ourselves. I found them, eventually…I hope that through these poems and anecdotes you will be able to find them in much better time!

Not Lost For Words

Sometimes, despite being mindful and respectful of the needs of someone diagnosed with dementia, it is also painful and hard to bear. Dementia is cruel and unrelenting. But what makes it so much harder is the way words are casually misappropriated. This collection of poems and anecdotes formulate some shared help, focusing on the way words can be used to empower people living with dementia, to help us to stay positively engaged and to sustain feelings of belonging and self-worth.

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I’ve just finished your book and loved it. Personally could relate to a lot of it especially the being prepared for her death but not prepared for your/my life after it. Even without those shared experiences I think it offers so much experience and wisdom of how things can be done better. I loved the poems too especially ‘Dance on the Table.’ I wouldn’t change anything and think you’ve offered excellent insight into dementia and death. Well done and thank you..

Cathy Pennicott