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A whole new person…

…gives us a whole new purpose!

I wrote this poem whilst alternately pacing the floor and crafting gifts, waiting for a momentous event – the birth of my first Grandchild. Many friends had told me that it would be amazing and of course, I believed them. But I had no idea how much more capacity there is to love. I’m not yet able to snuggle her, to feel my cheek against hers, to nuzzle whilst smelling her unique baby fragrance. When restrictions eventually lift to allow me this gift, I am certain my heart will puff again – it has, after all, limitless capacity!

I celebrate today – a grand addition to this world,
A miracle on miracle, my son’s newborn baby girl.
This day will be forever scribed in memory, in time,
New life, huge hope, pure love, and joy, now Granddaughter of mine.

Her birth, in this year of arrest and restraint, brings us hope and the freedom to see
that the world just keeps turning, and we should protect the most precious of freedoms…to be!
Her birth brings light, the sparkle of stars, to shadowy moonless nights,
Her birth brings lush, refreshing rain when drought sucked all water from sight.

I did not know love from the depths of my heart ’til that day when your Daddy was born,
I’m so sure that this love’s now grown wings and will soar over all that I see every morn.
In my lifetime so far I’ve been blessed with much joy from the moment I came to this earth,
But this blessing’s brand new, and I’ll never forget the day your Mummy gave birth.

Your soul chose this family, for all of its charms and the foibles and quirks that ensue,
But be sure that your Mummy and Daddy are wise and they’re simply the best to love you!
Then, when outside that nest, in the folds of our love, we’ll be certain to shield you with care.
You’ll be nurtured, yet given the freedom to grow, to take any path that you dare.

4 replies on “A whole new person…”

{{{Julie}}}, your poem warms my heart. I remember the way poetry flowed from my heart the day my first grandchild was born. You brought that day back to me…. 29 years ago! Thank you! ❤


Maybe I will use those memories for one of my “Embrace” blogs soon. I wrote one called “The Four O’clock Cuddle” on my way home from Switzerland after my second Swiss grandson was born. I think I posted it already. I’ll have to look in my archives. Thanks for the encouragement! ❤


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