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A Wedding Like No Other!

In a beautifully refurbished theatre.

One of the joys of being a celebrant is the ability to break with tired and cliched tradition which can bear little or no relevance in our changing cultures. Of course, traditions have positive benefits in that they can create unity and links with the past, but they can also trick us into thinking that we must tread a forged path in order for any rite to be valid, and that the collective consensus dictates how something must be done.

Not so, as I found out this week by visiting the delightful Sarah Hemingway, of the Palace Avenue Theatre in Paignton. I love exploring new ways of celebrating life’s joys, in ways that are unique to those celebrating, and I love so many of the positive attributes of breaking with tradition. Marriage does not have to follow the repeated groove of being the grandest, no-expense-spared ceremony for the sake of following tradition. Instead, it can be about love and passion – not simply for each other but for shared interests.

That is why The Palace Avenue Theatre is a spectacular venue to be considered for your ceremony. There’s no denying the beauty of a rustic barn, or the magnificence of a country estate – and the quirkiness of forts, treehouses, museums, wildlife parks, vineyards, forests and majestic castles has been explored by many couples wanting to celebrate with a grand gesture. But I am not aware of too many theatres where your nuptials can literally be staged.

If you love all things theatrical, combine this with your wedding theme for the formal marriage as well as the reception. You can tread the boards and wed your ward by marrying under the spotlights, with an audience of up to three hundred (well, when restrictions are lifted), or say your ‘I do’ in the more intimate setting of the bar with some fizz and your family and friends. Hosting your wedding breakfast in Stage Left is a fantastic option to have all of your celebrations in the one dramatic location.

Sarah has been incredibly supportive and, over the coming weeks, together we will be presenting you with a styled, professional shoot so that you can step away from somewhat overused clichés and explore the magic and the unique possibilities of a theatrical, ambient and artistic ceremony at

Look out for the images in my November blogs!

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