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Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Rainy days and Wednesdays never get me down – well, at least not this week because today, I’ve got sunnier times that I am planning: a wedding ceremony scheduled for June 2021. I am beyond excited!

It is such an absolute honour to be invited to officiate at the nuptials of two people in love, ready to shout about it publicly. After all, that’s really the crux of the matter – a public announcement, followed by a celebration of the only thing that is truly important: love. So, although we keep our fingers crossed for the sunshine to come out on our wedding day, even if there is a downpour, it is not really a factor which can ever stop us from having the best time and even more importantly, in celebrating the start of a new life together.

I know that in many other aspects of our lives, rain stops play. Cricket for example…golf maybe…tennis! I’m not a participant in any of these games – at least not competitively, but I understand that the bad weather negatively impacts the ball. Potentially, rain alters the dynamics and moderate to heavy rain introduces a pressure difference between the upper and lower surface and that can cause the ball to break or sink more than normal. Combine this with the raindrops falling into the eye of the batsman and you have some challenging conditions, possibly even dangerous.

I am delighted to report that this never needs to be the case where love is concerned – in fact, rain can enhance play. It’s the metaphorical rainy days that make us truly appreciate the sunny ones. Trust me, I’ve lived in climes where there is wall-to-wall sunshine, and there are wall-to-wall mosquitoes to boot and wall-to-wall humidity and, on occasion, wall-to-wall sunburn. We love the seasons so much more when we take them as a whole and when we can be thankful for the richness of all their characteristics.

Love is balanced; love and choosing to be joined in it, and in matrimony can and will survive all kinds of weather, if you remember to be grateful for its myriad of characteristics. And the mixture of showers and sunshine can produce the most vivid and overarching spectrum of beauty.

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