Daily inspiration

Keep Dancing!

It will be your rock of ages!

It’s twenty three years since Robbie Williams bounced about in his glitzy dog collar, stretched to the max, star-spangled lycra and sporting an Axminster bear/ bare chest. Twenty three years! His song ‘Let Me Entertain You!’ still gets me up on the dance floor, whether kicking off my heels at an equally glitzy wedding (and, because of those twenty three years having whizzed by, I was at quite a number of those celebrations before the lockdown – the generation of siblings children tying the knot) jiggling about barefoot in the grass at a socially distanced family barbecue party, or alone in my own lounge in front of a YouTube version of it, recorded live in Sweden four years ago. If it’s good enough for Robbie, and he’s still rockin’ it two decades later, it’s good enough for me. And yes, I often dance in the house by myself…with the shutters open…so that passers by can witness this not so guilty, not so secret secret. Can’t say the same for my yoga sessions!

Life, as they say, is short. Life, as Robbie says, is too short for you to die – in other words to not live life fully with energy and stretched to the max fun and laughter. I am not at all melancholy about this short lifespan and nor should you be. It is this fact that makes it all the sweeter. Its why I dance…often…not just at weddings.

Just think about all the changes that have occurred since Rob wrote those lyrics – for a start, you couldn’t look me up in the yellow pages anymore. I bet most of you reading this won’t even know what the yellow pages are! It’s why I have a wedding website and a Google business address and social media accounts galore – they’re the new yellow pages and I am so grateful for them. I couldn’t have done anything to lift anyone’s spirits with a wedding celebrant business listing in pages jaune. On here, I can be your rock of empathy!

Robbie is bang on when he says, ‘your mind gets burned with the habits you’ve learned.’ It’s so easy to shy away from letting yourself go on a dance floor and it’s so easy to let ourselves be bombarded by messages that we should isolate, lockdown, be miserable, follow orders, stop having fun, don’t laugh because there’s no humour or anything to celebrate right now!

There is! Loads to celebrate. People are still falling in love. Loads more to laugh about. We can find humour in anything. (The first dance at my wedding was ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!’) And, we’ve got a list of dance tunes to organise so that when you can gather everyone together in the most entertaining wedding of the last two decades, everyone – as Robbie says – can really shake their tush!

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