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A little later than promised – Tip Two

I had one of those weird experiences today…you know, one of those where you’re just thinking or talking about someone and the phone rings and you know its them! I was out walking with a friend, Siobhan, and we were both saying how we hadn’t seen or heard from another mutual friend, Tracey, in quite some time, either in the flesh but, more significantly since the lockdown, on social media. And then Siobhan’s phone rang, and there in the address bar was Tracey’s name.

I cannot tell you how many times this happens to me; I will think about a place or a person and then, hey presto, I see an image of the place, or the person calls or physically turns up, out of the blue – sometimes they even suggest we visit the place I’ve been thinking about. I have had so many of these just lately that I’m beginning to think I’m psychic, or even more mystically, that I have some exceptional power.

And then, I remember that I do. I do have an exceptional power. In fact, I really believe that we all do. We have the power of manifestation. If you are familiar with this idea then you will know that it is tied up with firstly, being really grateful for all the experiences that have brought you to the place you’re now at, for seeing every event that’s ever happened as having in it a golden opportunity to learn from it. And then, with that gratitude, being able to envisage a future that encapsulates all your dreams, all that you love, all that brings you contentment.

So…Tip One is to know that you have the authority to write your own script.

and…Tip Two is to clearly have in your mind a focused vision and an absolute confidence that what you have scripted will become a reality. Get ready to be wowed by your own performance!

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