Daily inspiration


I haven’t experienced a year yet (that I can remember) in these three score years on this planet, that has been without monumental challenges. Some of them instigated, deliberately, by myself as a means to uplift, shape or soothe my soul; some instigated deliberately by others as a means to sharpen or seduce, sedate or seize it; and many from varied external forces. Forces that are often hurled by self-appointed hierarchical commanders who try to sap the power to make independent choices; many seem frustratingly beyond our immediate sphere of influence.

2021 had a few of those…

But I also haven’t experienced a year yet where there has not been immense joy, mountains climbed, challenges met, some very real moments of achievement and fulfilment and a comforting sense that the continuing expansion of consciousness, exposes the insignificance of these challenges!

Let’s not just climb mountains in 2022.

In this long, evolutionary journey of soul-making, where consciousness is more fundamental than space, time or matter…let us universally understand something…

We can actually move them!

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